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Lowell Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union

Lowell Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union contacted us for a new website. The previous website that they had was old and in need of a desperate makeover. We got free canvas to work with and their olny requirement was that it be user friendly to both the website visitor as well as the administrative side of the website. As with all our credit union websites that we have made we included our proprietary "bank" plugin that makes editing interest rates across the website a breeze. We also we asked to host the website on our server which is much faster and secure then regular shared hosting plans. The final result was a fantastic user friendly website that you now see.

Commonwealth Utilities Employees Credit Union

The credit union contacted us for an estimate as to the cost of a totally new website. They had other estimates from other web developers and after carefully screening the bids they decided to go with us to go ahead with the project. We met with them to discuss what their wants and needs were for the new website. One of the first requirements was that the website had to be user friendly, it had to have loan calulators, it had to be mobile ready, it had to be easy to update by the credit union staff and above all it had to be secure. The final result was a fantastic user friendly website that you now see.

St Anthony of New Bedford Federal Credit Union

The credit union came to us to update their website. We are the only web designers that have worked on the websites for St. Anthy of New Bedford FCU since they went online back in 2000. We are always ready to offer them the latest in web design whenever they are looking to update.

Credit Union Accountants

Client came to use seeking a clean informative website for his business. After having a one on one consultation as to what he was looking for we developed a user friendly, mobile ready website that fit the needs he was looking for. The client was very happy with the end result.

Platinum Home Services

Platinum Home Services in a full service plumbing company based out of Fall River, MA. Platinum Home Services came to us looking for a clean website that was also very functional to visitors that came to the website. Convenience was key to the visitor when we set to create the website. People can book their plumbing needs right on the website and the office gets automatically by phone instantly when someone requests service. Platinum Home Services loves the website especially that they now are able to edit their website whenever they need it without having to spend money on a webmaster.

Isadores Mobile Grooming

Isadores Mobile Grooming in a full service mobile dog grooming business based out of Dartmouth, MA. Isadores Mobile Grooming contacted us to create an eye-catching website that would convey the services that they offer. This client wanted a clean design that would not cost a lot, looked great, was user friendly and had the ability to nicely display images of the dogs they had serviced. What they got was a woinderful website that does all that and also allows visitors to easily request appointments through the website. The client was extremely happy with the end result.

Majesty Insurance

Majesty Insurance came to us wanting a very simple website where visitors could inquire about the services that this business offers. After a quick meeting to discuss what they were looking for, we designed an eye catchy mobile ready website that they were proud to own.

BCC Dental Hygiene Alumni Association

BCC Dental Hygiene Alumni Association wanted an inexpensive and easy to use website where they can easily add content to keep their members up to date with events. Mateus Web Design was happy to work with then to create a website that they wanted at a much lower price than others wanted to create the website. BCC Dental Hygiene Alumni Association was very happy wih the final outcome. BCC Dental Hygiene Alumni Association has for over a 30 year period, donated more than $70,000 to the Program. BCCDHAA sponsors the annual Student Table Clinic Presentation, donating all registration fees back to the Program. Held in November, students are eligible to win cash awards for the best presentation.

Georges Galley, Daniellson, CT

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(Author) David Colin

David had contacted me for a simple website to highlight his book. He wanted to keep it simple and also wanted us to host his website. He was very pleased with the final website and was also pleased that he can also sell his book right from the website.

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Nefertiti Soap

This client wanted a clean website to highlight it's many handmade products. We produced a clean and modern look website that reflects the high quality handmade soap that they sell.

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The Ideal Product

This client wanted a clean website to highlight it's many products that they manufacture and design. They came to us with a template they bought for use with OpenCart eCommerce framwork. We took on the job and collaberated with the owners as to the changes they wanted the website to look like

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Beach Heat

Lady Remington is an online pet store. Special attention is made to the Labradore Retreiver dog breed but it also sells other pet supplies not only for dogs but cats as well. The client wanted requested that the online shop use

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